Business Analysis : Do not give opportunities, learn English

Friday, July 12, 2013

Do not give opportunities, learn English

It is not news to say that in most Spanish SMEs not speak English. Neither the self. Spanish workers have never known for their English and does not seem to have anything that will make them change the current figures on the use of languages ​​in the workplace.

According to the Barometer February 2010, the Center for Sociological Research, only 23% of people say master English in our country. Although the study has year and a half, it seems that this situation has changed, nor will it do in the immediate future, since there is nothing to motivate people to improve the knowledge of this language. In addition, the térmno "dominate", would be seen ... because one thing is what it says on the CV and quite another to know how to use 100% or nearly so.

The English in the Spanish educational programs

It is incomprehensible that Spain never really have wagered by the language of Shakespeare, staying in a subject effort and little else in most schools. In the public university, with exceptions counted on the fingers, long passes and not taking into account the language. In private there are some that require a high level of English to students and teach subjects in English.

Thus, the Spanish company is out of supply of professionals with real ability to read, write and speak English. No way to future workers to develop their work in another language, with firms from any country.

Missed opportunities

The main problem of not knowing the English language in business Spanish are the opportunities wasted and gone by the wayside. On a rainy day, as is the current in Spain, internationalization is one of the ways we have Spanish SMEs and self out of the impasse and strive to open up new business.

The search for international suppliers is another road that is closed if one can not express in English. You can find the information, you can send an email asking for information and offers, but if you do not know English ... What condition is to negotiate a contract with a foreign supplier?

Access to tools and software is also another of the areas in which one can be left out if not proficient in English, and may lose competitive advantage. The Castilian software market is great, but even more so is the software in English. The new versions come before in the English language in Castilian, some not even translate Are we going to lose a good tool for not knowing English?

Finally, note that if you do not know English, there is a big trips are quite difficult in access to relevant information, may be out of interesting business opportunities simply by not understanding a text written in English or not have in standard reference sources (newspapers , blogs, ...) none in the British tongue.


At some point this has to change and Spain should look the other horizon with respect to the English language. It takes trained professionals able to conduct their work in a language that is universal and that the reality we see is for people of different nationalities to communicate.

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