Business Analysis : The 10 key factors of the success of Steve Jobs

Friday, July 12, 2013

The 10 key factors of the success of Steve Jobs

For Jobs, billionaire from 25 and with a fortune estimated at 5.5 billion dollars, the money has never been a motivation. He slept on a mattress on the floor in a mansion furnished no. She once worked at Apple for an annual salary of one dollar (although his actions reported 44 million). Here are the 10 commandments of success, now that he has retired.

1. Maintain small working teams

In the early Macintosh, the number of employees was a hundred people, no more no less. If it was necessary to hire a new employee, before he said goodbye to another person, so that the number remained the exact same. Jobs was convinced that he could only remember the names of a hundred people.

2. Use the carrot rather than the stick

Jobs sometimes can be scary, but his personal charisma is what really motivates your employees. His infectious enthusiasm was the reason that staff designed the first Mac spent three years in a row working 90 hours a week, which resulted in a computer "insanely good".

3. Create prototypes of all things

Everything launches Jobs is preceded by an exhaustive series of prototypes: the hardware, the software, the same Apple stores ... Designers and architects spent a year secretly building the prototype of the ideal store inside a hangar located near the headquarters of Apple. Jobs in the end, rejected his proposal and ordered them back to square one.

4. Save the secrets

At Apple, no one speaks. All tasks are executed compartmentalized, so no one knows more than is strictly necessary. This secrecy causes there is a keen interest in their amazing product presentations, which in turn allows hogging headlines.

5. Refrain from conduct market

Famously said of Jobs: "People do not know what they want until you show it." He himself is responsible for their personal conduct market research: takes home the prototypes and tests for months.

6. Investigate permanently

When designing sales brochures Apple, Jobs studied in detail using Sony made of fonts, layout and paper with a certain weight. When it came time to design the carton for the first Mac, was walking through the parking lot of Apple noting carefully in the bodies of German and Italian cars.

7. Making decisions without turning back

Jobs is so proud of the products that has ruled and those who has released. For a time he worked hard at developing a clone of the Palm Pilot, a project that eventually cancel when he realized that mobile phones would be imposed on handheld computers. This allowed their employees to have time to develop the iPod.

8. Seeking perfection

Jobs meticulous attention to detail. On the eve of the launch of the first iPod, staff employees spent the whole night replacing headphone jacks because Jobs did not consider the precise click and desirable.

9. Sign the best

That is always his watchword. That's why I hired architect M. Pei to design the logo
NeXT and recruited Mickey Drexler, Gap, to serve on the board of directors of Apple with a view to launching the chain of company stores.

10. Simplify

The design philosophy that has Jobs is based on the constant simplification. At the time ordered the iPod designers eliminated all buttons and keys of the first prototypes. The designers complained, but then so iconic created the scrolling function.

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