Business Analysis : What are the functions of management?

Sunday, July 7, 2013

What are the functions of management?

It seems that, somehow, all directors practiced these five functions. With more or less frequency, one or more of the functions becomes dominant at the expense of the others. The work of the steering becomes more difficult and complex when we not only have to manage ourselves, but others. In these circumstances its importance increases. Regarding quality management, this issue has become very important, especially in regard to the increasing awareness of customers waiting "value for money" and has generated great expectations about the products and services offered and acquired.

Management functions create a need for overall approach to leadership, very similar to the way in which the requirements of the "quality" have created in the design, development, production, sales and after-sales activities and sales marketing of products and services. Its importance far outweigh interdependence justification for ignoring and reduce the importance of any function.

In a globalized economy like today, where there are increasing competitive pressures in many industrial and commercial sectors, has never been more necessary and decisive efficient application of the five functions of management to quality management. Including each function, the following features:

    Planning is the determination of the objectives and goals to be achieved using plans, procedures and strategies.
    Organization: Determining the exact task, ensuring the efficient and effective distribution. It can be applied to individuals, groups, departments or entire organizations.
    Address: You give guidance to others and to give them perform the tasks. Means motivate subordinates and maintain morale.
    Control: Determining the appropriate standards and their application, ensure compliance and correct their conduct, when necessary.
    Staff: It is to decide the type of people to be employed and trained to perform the work assigned.

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