Business Analysis : Making investments in Chile : A cost-effective alternative ?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Making investments in Chile : A cost-effective alternative ?

Chile is seeking foreign investors , including Spanish . Why is a good alternative to invest in Chile? You really is or is not the best time ?

Reasons to Invest in Chile

The legal framework and current legal certainty Chile Spanish invite investors to allocate their funds to this Latin American country , a gateway to a new continent that add cultural affinities .

One of the sectors in which it advised to invest in the infrastructure provided through concessions . There are different ways to do this and also to recover the investment for each investor to choose the option that best suits its own characteristics.

Another sector in which to invest in Chile is renewable energy .

The Chilean government has proposed to achieve the 20 % renewable energy in the matrix for 2020 , so that is being facilitated by the fact that they have easy access to the infrastructure and technologies needed to meet the target. Something that foreign investors could bring and what they can take advantage .
So investing in Chile

After seeing the sectors with the highest potential return, you can analyze the investments made so far.

Without attempting to distinguish between different parts of Chile , investments have been made in recent years in the areas of construction, natural resources , trade, financial sector and infrastructure. However, Chile misses not provide more value to the technology , which can help boost the country's development significantly.

It seems that the fact that they have opted for these options is the high returns offered by these sectors , so those looking for a safe return should focus their capital to these areas.

Spanish companies to invest in Chile still have choices to make and it appears that Chile still continue to offer profitable forms of savings to foreign investors . The solution is to find out where it moves the country and what can best be profitable , something we have discussed , and assess the level of risk you want to take , exploring new lands .

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